Cross-faculty research network based at UWE Bristol

The Critical Race and Culture Research Network brings together scholars, students, alumni and independent researchers who are engaged in exploring questions relation to race and culture within their discipline areas. The CRCRN welcomes ALL categories of UWE staff to join, working in both academic and non-academic roles.


What We Do

The CRCRN operates across the four faculties of UWE – Arts, Creative Industries and Education, Business and Law, Environment and Technology, Health and Applied Sciences, and Hartpury College to support research relating to race, ethnicity, culture and identity across the university. The network is a safe place to share ideas, opinions, research findings and emerging questions, and also a platform to disseminate research findings to a broader audience beyond the university.

The CRCRN will collaborate and bid for funding to pursue large scale research projects. It is a solidarity base for scholars, students, alumni and independent researchers to build a visible presence and research profile of this area of critical study, which is already happening across the university without the peer support or base where is can reside.

CRCRN is a repository of race and culture related research studies to act as a database for future reference, and crucially be recognised as a critical mass community of world-leading scholars in a cross-disciplinary area.

The CRCRN welcomes ALL categories of UWE staff to join, working in both academic and non-academic roles.




  • Inter-disciplinary research on critical race issues 
  • Bi-monthly member meetings and roundtable discussion
  • Lecture and seminar series, with members of CRCRN sharing their research interests, projects and findings
  • Identifying new funding streams to develop research for undergraduate and postgraduate studies 
  • To build meaningful partnerships with non-academic organisations and people within Bristol, to connect with local expertise

CRCRN across UWE

CRCRN Faculty Leads help promote the network amongst their colleagues, students and alumni, and coordinate subject area focussed meetings.

  • Arts, Creative Industries and Education
    – Dr Shawn Sobers
  • Health and Applied Sciences
    Dr Emmanuel Adukwu
  • Environment and Technology
    – Ann de Graft-Johnson
  • Business and Law
    – Xavier Baker


“Race doesn’t really exist for you because it has never been a barrier. Black folks don’t have that choice.” 
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

“We are being asked by the countries that invented nuclear weapons and chemical weapons and apartheid and modern slavery and racism – countries that have perfected the gentle art of genocide, that colonized other people for centuries – to trust them when they say that they believe in a level playing field and the equitable distribution of resources and in a better world. It seems comical that we should even consider that they really mean what they say.” 
Arundhati Roy

“Race is more like a language than it is like the way in which we are biologically constituted.”
Stuart Hall


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