The network was set up to be a safe and supportive space for staff and student scholars at UWE, to build a research community exploring race, ethnicity and culture across all areas of study.

This research network has been discussed and planned for approximately two years, and was launched on 11th June 2020, a few days after the toppling of the Edward Colston statue in Bristol. So whilst this network is not a result of those events, it has highlighted in sharp focus the importance of the groups existence within the academy.
This comes soon after other hotly debated issues and campaigns in which the academy is the central focus of scrutiny, such as; Decolonising the Curriculum, Attainment Gap controversy, Why is my Professor not Black?, and Widening Participation. The CRCRN will be a space for UWE affiliated scholars to explore how the dynamics of race features in contemporary life, with cross-disciplinary consideration and analysis. Much of this type of research is already being undertaken by UWE scholars, but up until now there has never been existing research group or centre in which race-related studies is taken as the priority research agenda, and therefore such research tends to get marginalised. The CRCRN aims to re-balance this bias in the university’s research portfolio, and build a critical mass for race-related studies to have a strong local and national voice, by supporting the expertise of our brilliant staff and student.

CRCRN Faculty Leads help promote the network amongst their colleagues, students and alumni, and coordinate subject area focussed meetings.

  • Arts, Creative Industries and Education – Dr Shawn Sobers
  • Health and Applied Sciences – Dr Emmanuel Adukwu
  • Environment and Technology – Ann de Graft-Johnson
  • Business and Law – Xavier Baker
  • Hartbury College – TBC

A list of members of the CRCRN will be here soon!

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