Colston statue – What Next? Developing the museum display. 8 June 2021

The statue of Edward Colston in Bristol’s city centre was pulled down from its plinth and thrown into the harbour during a Black Lives Matters march in June 2020. Several days later, Bristol City Council retrieved it.

Colston was one of the wealthiest and later most infamous names associated with the transatlantic traffic of enslaved African people to the Americas. The statue will go on display at M Shed from June 2021.

Join members of the museum’s project team who have been involved in creating this display, as they talk about how it began, what it will contain and what it is aiming to achieve.

Following the speakers’ presentations, there will be a discussion and opportunity for questions from the audience.


  • Rob Mitchell, Creative Media Producer


  • Dr Shawn Sobers, Associate Professor at UWE Bristol and member of the We Are Bristol History Commission
  • Ray Barnett, Head of Archives and Collections at M Shed
  • Simon Fenn, 3D Designer at M Shed

An MShed event with We Are Bristol History commission. In partnership with Critical Race and Culture Research Network.

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