History and Theology of Rastafari Livity

11 June 2021
Lecture by Ras Shango Baku.
Chaired by Aleema Gray.

History and Theology of Rastafari Livity

11th June 2021, 6.30pm – online, register in link provided

Rastafari is a movement that has influenced Africans globally in positively recovering and reassessing our significance in the modern world. Its theological basis is an important backdrop to the movement’s impact on a young international generation and has inspired all cultures of adherents. 

History and theology are intimately intertwined in the growth of the Rastafari movement. In this event we hear about the background and beliefs of this wise and insightful way of life which remains largely misunderstood by others, and hear about its significance today.

Talk by Ras Shango Baku

Chaired by Aleema Gray

Shango Baku is a Rastafarian activist, actor and writer. Editor of Caribbean journal Rastafari Speaks (1980)s, Thunder, Voice of the Nyahbinghi National Councl (NNC UK) 2010-2021. Shango is Rastafari international journalist and spokesperson.

Aleema Gray is Community History Curator at the Museum of London and PhD candidate at Warwick University. Her research uncovers a community-engaged history of the Rastafari movement in England. She tweets @AleemaGray.

A Freedom in the City Festival of Learning event, in partnership with the Critical Race and Culture Research Network

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council

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