Professor Robbie Shilliam

Inaugural Lecture for CRCRN – 7 July 2020.

‘The British Academy and the British Empire: Blackness as a problem at home and abroad’ – Professor Robbie Shilliam

Dr Shilliam, Professor of Political Science at John Hopkins University, Baltimore, takes us on a journey exploring how the British Academy and Empire responded the idea of an education Black mind.

Following the lecture was over an hour of lively Q&A discussion. This was not recorded, as we feel it is important our after-lecture sessions should be a safe space where sensitive topics can be discussed without monitoring.

Dr Shilliam was asked to choose a song to play before the lecture started, and he chose ‘Christopher Columbus is a Damn Blasted Liar’, by Burning Spear. This was an apt choice, considering this talk took place exactly one month after the Colston statue was toppled in Bristol, 7th June.

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