Race and Space

8th July 2021

Race and Space 

(Post-Covid Black Futures series)

This talk is facilitated by Xavier Baker FHEA – Assistant Support Lecturer: LLB.  The focus of the conversation is on how the occupation of space has become both a revealing and contentious topic especially when looked through a critical race lens.

Guest Speakers;

Jazz Thompson; Bristol based illustrator, muralist, designer and activist. Jazz is a resident at Pervasive Media Studio and Board Member & Featured Artist @Rising Arts Agency

Lewis Wedlock is an activist, academic and social psychologist. His work centers around exploring and challenging structures that limit pathways to expressing magnificence. He is currently one of the UK’s youngest lecturers and one of the West of England’s most influential people under the age of 30. https://www.lewiswedlock.com

****We are organising a series of online talks with the aim of facilitating inspiring conversations with the BAME professionals and leaders of the four UWE faculties to reflect on;

1. Lessons learnt for their sector from the past year

2. What they see as the ways forward for empowerment of BIPOC professionals in their fields and what it will take for the sector to not repeat the same mistakes.

These conversations will bring cross-faculty experts together from the following sectors.

– Health and Applied Sciences

– Environment and Technology

– Business and Law

– Arts, Creative Industries and Education

CRCRN July Talk series has been coordinated by Zarabea Esfendiar Kayani @bea_kayani

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